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Tips on How to Effectively Work From Home

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Keeping up a work from home schedule can be difficult when you just start. We have a few tips you can try to help improve your productivity and working mindset! Let us know if anything worked well for you!


Invest in a Quality Workspace

Within your apartment space, set up a working area with a nice desk and comfortable chair so you can report to your new work station every day. Having a designated spot to work will help your mind set boundaries between being comfortable at home and working too hard all day. Your mind will react to the times you are at your work desk versus when you are walking to the kitchen or bedroom. 


Stay Hydrated

Water is an important part of our bodies and it’s important to keep ourselves hydrated. When working at home, don’t let yourself forget to drink water! Getting out of your seat to take a break can help you be more productive as your cognitive function is fed by hydration and you can stretch your legs throughout the day. If anything, use water to curb any snack cravings you have!


Working With Pets

Adjusting to a work from home schedule with pets is going to be a difficult task. Pets are also used to their own semi-schedule. It'll take you a couple of days to figure out what your pet enjoys doing during the day. Now that you’re home they might completely change their level of activeness. Try to match up your break times to keep them busy with a couple of walks around the area. This is a good way to both come back re-energized for the rest of the day and if the pup needs more attention, distract your pet with a favorite toy or snack so you can still focus on work. 


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