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How To Adjust To Daylight Saving



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Now that daylight saving has made its way back around, it’s time to start a plan of how you’ll adjust to the time change. Check out a few of our recommendations below: 


Keep It Consistent

Major or sudden shifts in your routine can have negative effects on your body as well as your health. It’s crucial to keep your daily routine the same, however, you can make progressive changes in schedule as needed. For instance, drastically changing your sleep schedule is not required. Instead, you should continue allowing your body to fall asleep and wake up at its normal time. 


No Napping

A midday nap might sound like a good idea at first, however, you’ll likely regret it later. We recommend skipping a nap as it will likely make falling asleep later that night a struggle. 


Develop Bedtime Rituals

Implementing bedtime rituals such as calming yoga or meditation into your routine may help your body power down. If you plan on working out before bed, it is advised that you skip those high-intensity workouts, as these typically boost your body’s energy. 


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