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Easy Guest Entertaining Ideas


Montage at Fair Oaks offers everything you’ve been looking for in a Citrus Heights apartment. From our luxury apartment features to our premier location - everything you need is here. We pride ourselves on offering spacious floor plans - ideal for any guest entertaining situations. If you’re looking for a few easy ways to entertain your guests, we’ve got a few! 

Arts & Crafts Night

You’re never too old to bring out your creative side. Get the arts and crafts kit out of the cupboard and let your creative juices flow. With the holidays upon us, there are plenty of crafty knick knacks you can make to bring in a festive vibe. 


Treasure Hunt

What’s more exciting than a treasure hunt? Prepare your clues and hide them around your apartment. Each one clue should lead to the next, and the final should bring the winner to a special prize. Make things even more fun with a bottle of wine! 


Yoga Night 

Line up yoga mats in the living and dining rooms and prepare to get a fun workout. There are plenty of tutorials available on YouTube, including excellent choices  for beginners. 


What are you waiting for? You’re dream apartment in Citrus Heights is at Montage at Fair Oaks. Lease today!