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5 New Games For Game Night



Montage at Fair Oaks Apartments offers luxury apartments in Citrus Heights with an excellent location and world-class amenities that will allow you to be the best host when having family and friends over for a game night or movie night. Our community offers newly renovated floor plans with Nest thermostats and even keyless entry in selected units.


Board games are becoming a great hobby among all ages, and more people and families are using them to engage with each other and to have an excuse to get together. New games are being released constantly, but how do you pick the best new board game? Montage at Fair Oaks Apartments can help out with choosing the best board games to keep the family, friends, and colleagues entertained and have a great time.


Party Bowl


This game will prove how well you know your friends and family

The goal of this game is to guess the person behind each of the cards. In this game, players will split into teams and come up with words about themselves based on the game the cards. Then toss them in a party bowl and guess who is behind each card.


Pass The Pigs Dice Game


This game is perfect for friends and family. Each player tosses the pigs, and they gain or lose depending on how the pigs land. The goal is to get as many points as possible, and whoever reaches 100 points wins the game.


Watch Ya’ Mouth: You won’t be able to keep a straight face


This is not a new game, but it should be a game in every household. The goal is to interpret phrases from 4 different topics while someone is reading these phrases with cheek retractors; this game will make a fun and entertaining get-together.  


Twister: Hold a pose and be flexible


Yogis might win this game. On a large vinyl mat with spots in red, blue, yellow, and green, 2-4 players compete to hold a pose with their feet and hands in different color spots. A player should be designated as the moderator. The moderator is responsible for spinning the spinner, and each player should put the relevant body part on the specific color spot. Still, if a player falls or touches an elbow or knee to the ground, they are eliminated.


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