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5 Apartment Organization Hacks




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At Montage at Fair Oaks, we realize how important it is to make your place feel like home. We have compiled a list of some organization and design hacks to help get your place in tip-top condition, and help you make the most out of your apartment.


Change Your Shower Head


Something a lot of us tend to overlook is what showerhead we use at home. Typical apartment showers come preinstalled with a standard head attachment. Upgrading your showerhead is a simple hack to changing the whole look of your bathroom and the way you shower. If you can find a shower head that has a low flow, you can save on your water usage and most likely improve the water pressure you get. Switching out the showerhead is a small change, but the impact it can have on your day to day life can be massive! Don’t forget to switch the showerheads back out when you move out and take your showerhead with you to your next home.


Use Bed Risers


If you’re running out of storage space, one place we recommend you look into is the area underneath your bed. Elevating your bed with bed risers under each foot of the frame immediately provides you with new space. You can store your winter clothes, bulkier blankets, suitcases, and other items you use on a seldom basis. Bed risers come in several styles and offer more utility by adding in outlets and USB ports to them so you can charge your devices easier all while blending into your bedroom style.


Use Wine Boxes To Store Your Shoes


When you have too many shoes to count and they end up cluttering your door entrance, it’s time to do something. Taking the time to pick out the shoes you wear less often and storing them away will help you keep your common space neater. A great way to store those extra shoes is to place them into the individual slots of a wine carrier box. They fit perfectly into the sections and you can easily store the box away in your closet. You can easily stack other closet items on top to save your floor space. Building vertically is the way to go!


Use The Backside Of Doors


Closets are usually always the first place that gets packed with items. A great hack to getting around reduced closet space is to hang a rack on the back of your doors or in the bathroom. Utilizing the overlooked real estate that is the back-side of doors, you can find a place for larger and longer items like belts, purses, and hats. In the bathroom, you can hang your robes, towels, and keep your space more organized overall.


Top It All Off With A Plant


A home hack that benefits you more than your apartment is to bring in a house plant. Adding a plant in the corner of the living room can bring in fresh air and brighten your daily mood. Some easy house plants we recommend are a Rubber Tree and Aloe. If you prefer plants with flowers, the Peace Lily has a very clean aesthetic. Pulling in the strong green colors from a plant can visually enhance the look of your apartment. 


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